Stress or Burnout?

It has been said: you teach (or write) what you need to learn. This is certainly true for me. Growing up in an anxious family system, being peaceful, calm and centered does not come naturally and is not a constant state of being. In a sense, these weekly notes are reminders to my own stressed … Continue reading Stress or Burnout?


The Habit of Resiliency

Do your habits fill up your resiliency bucket or do they create a drain hole in the bottom?      My spouse and I have, very unsuccessfully, tried to “quit sugar” over the years. We attempt this significant feat and often finish with a feeling of failure. This long-term struggle has been an invitation to … Continue reading The Habit of Resiliency

Spring Expectations and Snowy Realities

Expectation: Blooming tulips, open windows and softball practice on greening grass. Reality: Single digit mornings, double digit snow shoveling and icy roads. This week’s unexpected weather has detoured us from our preferred path to warm temps and jolted us wide awake. My social media newsfeed is never more whiny than during a week like this. … Continue reading Spring Expectations and Snowy Realities