Grandma’s recipe #1: Sally Lunn

After my cousin Jessica gave me grandma’s recipe box, it sat on my desk for months patiently waiting on me. It waited partly because of schedule restraints, wanting to have enough time to take it all in without feeling hurried: partly because I found it intimidating. What if I found the unexpected? What DID I … Continue reading Grandma’s recipe #1: Sally Lunn


Sitting in the Waters of Discomfort

Unfamiliar gear strapped to my back: the bulk heavy with anticipation. We checked each others tanks to make sure we had wrestled them on correctly, rubik-cubed the snorkle on to the mask and spit at the appropriate time and place to prevent mask fog, all in preparation for our first dive.   With anticipatory thoughts … Continue reading Sitting in the Waters of Discomfort


Last week I hiked in the woods for about an hour in the snow and wind. It was glorious and uncomfortable. Dressed for the weather, though perhaps not quite as many layers as needed, I was bundled nonetheless: hiking boots, headband, winter gloves. Snow landed on my face, immediately melting into Mother Natures tears on my face. The twists and … Continue reading Wonder